Google Blogging

At present, the process of blogging has become quite popular. Thus this article has been produced to provide an idea of creating blogs by using an online tool named as google .COM. Let’s start our discussion by saying few words about blog.


In recent times, several things are found to be taking place throughout the world. Fresh things are growing up all over the world .Noticeable changes are found to have occurred in different industries such as educational, cultural or commercial. Moreover, in today’s fast life people hardly found some time to go to the right place to get the required information...Again; they deserve to have minimum knowledge about the important things that are happening in day to day life.


It is not that people should collect information just to enrich their knowledge bank. They need to know certain developments of the society for their own benefit. So all of them go through a common medium from which they could obtain all the valuable information. Now a day different websites are readily available. These websites serve the people to a great extent. Different websites may contain educational information, commercial information and lots of other subjects.


When a website containing several links related to a particular subject, it is known as blog. So, to set up a blog at first the subject matter must be selected. From the discussion so far has been done, one may think that opening a blog needs great effort. But it is not so. The matter takes hardly three to five minutes.


A person may set up a blog by using blogger option on the, First of all he or she has to write a title and an address or URL for his or her blog.However, it must be noted that, the most time is usually spent while selecting the correct address or URL for the blog.The user must then check the availability of the address or URL must be by clicking the related hyperlink.


A security code consisting of several letters must be entered and finally the button’ continue’ must be clicked. Next, a template for the blog must be selected. Lots of designs are available on the website. The user or the blogger may choose any from them. A provision to change the template after it has been posted or after writing the content on it has been made.


As soon as the template has been selected, the blog is then ready to be posted. However some more features must be added to it .In this regard mention can be made of the google ad sense and the advertisements given to the blog. The advertisements must be consistent to the content written on the blog.

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