How Mom Bloggers Can Make Money Online As A Freelance Writer

On a daily basis, mom bloggers spend a fair amount of time researching and writing new blog posts. But did you know that a mom can also make some money online as freelance writer? It’s true! Here are three tips that virtually any mom who is already active as a blogger can use to make money as a freelancer:

1) Leverage Your Experience As A Blogger To Attract Clients

Try to think about things from the perspective of a potential client for a moment. Wouldn’t you feel significantly more comfortable dealing with someone who was an experienced writer? Probably. Anyone who maintains a frequently updated blog is going to be viewed in a different light than someone who merely claims to be a writer but who lacks any meaningful platform through which their writing can be seen. Leverage your experience as a blogger to attract clients — it will help you stand out.

2) Provide Links To Your Various Blogs As Social Proof Of Your Writing Skills

Potential clients are usually going to want to see samples of your writing. Impress your prospective clients by providing them with links to your various blogs. This will trigger a subconscious belief in the mind of the potential client that you’re a highly respected “published” author with an active audience. It’s incredible social proof of your writing skills.

3) Focus On Accepting Freelance Writing Assignments That Compliment Your Schedule

As a mother and a blogger, you already have a lot to deal with. The last thing you want to do is create a freelance writing business that diminishes the focus you have on your core responsibilities of motherhood and blogging. That’s why it’s so important to only accept freelance writing assignments that compliment your schedule. You may have someone approach you to do a project that will require 20 hours per week of your time. That’s not likely to be compatible with your existing schedule, and accepting a writing assignment of that nature will do nothing but stress you out.

In short, the secret to making money as a freelance writer is to leverage your blogging activities to help you find writing assignments that compliment what you’re already doing. Don’t be surprised if you increase your income by 20% to 30% as a result of becoming a freelance writer!

9 Ideas To Help You Make Money As A Mommy Blogger

Ideas for Making Money as a Mommy Blogger

(1) Build your readership. Join blogging communities. Send a link to your blog to all your friends, family, neighbours and acquaintances.

(2) Build traffic to your blog. “Web traffic” means getting internet users to read your blog and return to your blog. Increased “traffic” means more readers are visiting your blog.

(3) Build traffic to your mommy blog by posting entries on a regular basis; every day, several times a week, or at least once a week.

(4) Increase traffic to your mommy blog by visiting and commenting on other mommy blogs that you find to be entertaining and educational. Mothers and bloggers who read the other mommy blogs will be able to read your comments and find out about you and hopefully visit your blog, too.

(5) If you are a member of a “forum,” an internet discussion group, usually focused around a special theme or topic such as parenting or internet marketing, then place a link to your mommy blog when you write comments or posts on the forum.

(6) Add a statistics counter to your blog that will enable you to discover how much web traffic you are receiving and where it is being generated from. This tool will aid you in figuring out the success you are experiencing at promoting your blog in various ways.

(7) Set up a Twitter account for yourself and your mommy blog. Name your Twitter account the same name as your blog if possible. Include a link to your website on your Twitter profile page. Building a community of followers on Twitter will generate more traffic to your mommy blog and will increase your blog’s popularity and credibility.

(8) The most effective and often the easiest way to generate income from your mommy blog is to sell advertisements on your website. Companies like Google AdSense can help you by placing advertisements on your blog. You will collect a small fee every time one of your readers clicks on an ad.

(9) Another way to make money from your mommy blog is to register with Amazon Associates, which allows you to design special links for recommended books and products on your website. Every time one of your readers accesses Amazon through your blog to purchase products, you will receive a portion or commission of the sale. When deciding on what Amazon products to promote on your blog, make sure that you identify products that match the content on your site. For example, some book-loving moms write blog posts about their son or daughter’s favorite children’s literature. Create a link to accompany your post that takes interested readers to purchase the very book that you are recommending. Review reports of your product orders to discover what products your readers purchase after visiting your blog. Think about promoting products that are popular with your readers on your blog.

Is Social Networking Different For Mommy Bloggers?

Women of all ages value social connection, emotional support, and validation from others. Mothers often especially desire to become friends with other mothers, connect with fellow moms who have children the same age as theirs, and feel a part of a caring community. Writing and reading mommy blogs helps mothers across the world to make contact with one another, learn from each other, and offer good advice and thoughtful encouragement. As you write your own mommy blog, you value the positive and honest feedback, questions and comments from other moms. Two-way relationships are developed as you write entries on your own mommy blog, read comments that other mothers make on your posts, and in turn read their blogs and make comments on their posts.

Blogging in general and mommy blogging in specific are excellent ways to build a strong network of friends and colleagues. “Social networking,” meeting and dialoguing with others on-line about various topics, has become very popular in recent years greatly due to websites including Facebook and Twitter. Facebook allows users to reconnect with former classmates from elementary school, high school and university, and stay in better contact with friends met through work, church, or leisure activities. Mommy bloggers are encouraged to set up a link to their blogs on their Facebook profile pages. Facebook is an especially popular tool for sharing photos and viewing family and friends’ photos. Although users are given space to write “Status Updates,” they are restricted to a limited number of words.

The social networking site Twitter has become immensely popular across the globe in the last several years. Twitter users, sometimes known as “tweeple,” write messages known as “tweets,” that are limited to 140 characters per message. Mommy bloggers are advised to begin a Twitter account to help promote their blog and allow other moms and dads to discover their existence in the blogging world. Each Twitter user has to select a special Twitter name for themselves, and mothers with blogs are encouraged to name your Twitter account after your blog’s name. For example, if your mommy blog is named “,” then you can select “SmartMommy” as your twitter name. Twitter is an excellent tool for getting in contact with other mommy bloggers. Hundreds if not thousands of mommy bloggers have twitter accounts, which they utilize to promote their blogs and develop their readership.

Although many mothers love using both Facebook and Twitter, mothers fond of writing, on-line journaling, and taking photos often prefer sharing their ideas and experiences with their friends and family through their own personal mommy blogs, where they have an unlimited amount of space to write posts and upload photos.

There are now several blogging networks that bloggers may join, some set up exclusively for women and mom bloggers. For those women interested in joining a blogging network, check out the very popular Thousands of women have joined the network, which allows women to list their blogs in a directory organized by themes, such as parenting, finances, and cooking. The network posts blog entries on a daily basis from a myriad of writers and editors. Members can message one another back and forth and design personalized profiles. Devoted bloggers can even consider attending BlogHer conferences to meet other bloggers in person.

Article Marketing Tips For Mommy Bloggers

What should a mommy blogger like you know about article marketing? Let’s start with a quick overview of what article marketing is all about, and then we’ll talk about a few ways you can make the most of your article marketing efforts. Don’t assume this is a dull, boring topic — it can actually help you be significantly more successful than you may realize.

So what exactly is article marketing? Generally speaking, it’s a process through which you can spread the word about your blog without really seeming as if though you’re trying to overtly promote it. Huh? Let me give you a good example. Imagine that you go to your local newsstand and that you pick up a magazine. You flip through the pages and land on a story about laptop computers. You read the article and notice it provides you with a variety of truly useful tips to help you extend the battery life of your laptop by an average of 45 to 70 minutes per session.

At the end of the article, you see a brief blurb that invites readers to visit a web address for more useful tips, tricks, and information. Will you visit that website? Odds are, yes — if you were on a computer. But standing there with the magazine in your hand, you’re in no position to visit a website. But the point is this: you read an interesting article that gave you good information that encouraged you to visit a website address. That’s the essence of article marketing. You’re creating an environment where the reader is more open minded to visiting the link that’s provided at the end of the article.

Here are some tips to get the most out of article marketing:

  • Create articles that revolve around the topic of your blog.
  • Provide valuable content in your articles.
  • Think of the articles you create as being magnets that can attract more readers to your blog.
  • Always encourage the reader to visit your blog at the end of the articles.
  • Submit your articles to article directories for maximum exposure.

By implementing an article marketing campaign, you can dramatically increase the readership of your blog without having to spend money on advertising. That makes article marketing both cost-effective and incredibly powerful. Go ahead and try it — you’ll be impressed by the results.

Separating Business and Pleasure for Work-At-Home Moms

If you are going to be a successful work-at-home mom, you must find a way to set aside a portion of the day to have uninterrupted time to relax and attend to your own personal needs. Does this sound like an impossible proposition? When your children are infants and toddlers, their nap time provides you with some opportunity to focus on taking care of yourself and hopefully finding a few moments to relax. Some moms of infants and toddlers have a habit of napping when their child or children are sleeping, as this gives them an opportunity to catch up on some much-needed rest.

Becoming a new parent is an exciting yet sometimes overwhelming adventure. Try to establish healthy and suitable routines with your child, with the support and patience of your husband. Until you are able to develop a predictable routine with your child, however, the constant demands of being a new mother or mother of young children can become exhausting and discouraging.

Here are some tips to help you divide your business and personal time for work-at-home mothers.

1) Hire a mature and responsible high school or university student after school.
The ideal here is to find someone who would supervise outdoor play or would take your child to the park or playground so that you would have some time at home on your own. The next best thing is to have the sitter in the home when you’re there but with the careful instruction not to ‘bother’ you unless it was an emergency. Being a mother is a delicate balancing act. Use a day planner to determine in advance if you are going to devote the time that your baby-sitter is watching your children to your business or personal time. For instance, perhaps make a standing appointment with a trusted baby-sitter once a month for you to take time to get your hair cut and receive a relaxing manicure and pedicure. Other times, enlist the help of your sitter when you want to focus on working on your at-home business.

2) Collaborate your efforts with other work-at-home mothers.
If you could develop a team of several women, each could take the children for a morning on a particular day of the week. Predictable ‘kids swaps’ or ‘play dates’ would provide some time for you to invest in your business or in rejuvenating yourself. Your child would have a good opportunity to learn to socialize with other children.

3) Consider Parent Co-ops.
A formal version of a parent co-op is where full-time or part-time child care is provided by professional childcare workers but parents help defray the cost by assisting the early child care workers by helping several hours a week. This is often cheaper than regular day care services and part-time arrangements are more possible.

4) Arrange for the child’s grandparents to provide childcare.
If you and your family happen to live in the same city or town as your parents or parents-in-law, perhaps an arrangement where they take the children for a predictable time period every week can be worked out. The ideal is for them to take the children to their house and leave you with quiet time to work or tend to your personal needs.

5) Self-directed play activities are good.

When children are older, they can be provided with activities that absorb their interest and attention. Hands-on activities that are creative are best. Be really careful that you donÆt over-rely the memorizing power of the television or computer as baby sitter.

6) Be a laptop multi-tasker.
During wait time while your child is taking lessons, use your laptop computer to get some valuable work time in. Most community centres and gyms have wireless internet. If not, many other organizational tasks can be done during this time. Bring your day planner and plan out your following week, carving out time for you to work on your business, as well as time for you to enjoy yourself and do something pleasurable and relaxing.

What Is A Mommy Blogger?

After two happy years of marriage, my husband and I were expecting our first born child; a baby boy! Being first-time parents, we were hoping to capture every precious moment of my pregnancy. We planned on taking lots of photographs of our baby son during the first few years of his life, and recording his special milestones for prosperity. My husband and I brainstormed ways that we could document my pregnancy and our baby’s childhood memories.

We discussed the possibility of us keeping a journal together. I have been journaling since I was six years old, so I liked the idea of us keeping a pregnancy journal and babyhood journal. But what would we do with the myriad of photographs that we planned to take? Should we keep them in photo albums? We both enjoy our photo albums from our childhood and our years together, but we were hoping for something a little more interactive.

We thought about a baby scrapbook. I have several dear friends who keep beautiful scrapbooks of their children and vacations with their family. Yet the idea of spending time cutting out papers and trimming photos with fancy-edged scissors and decorating pages with stickers and mementos didn’t fully appeal to me and my hubby.

We both invested some time in doing some research. We talked to trusted family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. A fellow teacher mentioned how much she and her husband enjoys learning and being entertained by what she called “mommy blogs.” She recommended that my husband and I seriously consider beginning our own “mommy blog.” My friend made a good point when she shared with me that creating my own blog would combine to of my favorite interests; writing and taking photographs.

The following weekend, my husband and I took time to Google “mommy blogs” and were pleasantly surprised by our results. We discovered some very humorous, very candid, and very educational mommy blogs. My teacher friend was correct; most quality blogs featuring both written entries accompanied by photographs of family members, friends, family pets and so on.

After doing research together, my supportive husband and I realized that the term “mommy blogger” describes any woman who writes and maintains a blog (short form of “web log”), who is a mother; either a pregnant mom-to-me like I was, or a mother of babies, young children, elementary school children or even teenagers. A mommy blogger writes on a regular basis about family-related topics, such as marriage, parenting, favorite family activities, favorite children’s books and toys, humorous antidotes about her children and marriage. I was eager to get started with my very own mommy blog and found the mommy blogger community to be extremely supportive when I needed help! Now I make a a part-time income online from learning so much from other bloggers and Internet Marketers.

So, do you want to be a mommy blogger?